A Treasure-Trove of Resources For Wholehearted Living After Loss

What Exactly Is Wholehearted Living After Loss?

Shelly Immel of The Big Life Project interviewed me a few weeks ago about wholehearted living after loss. I use that phrase a lot around here, but after this interview I realized that I’ve shared about it in bits and pieces throughout all my articles and there isn’t really a short summary about wholehearted living after loss on my site. This interview is a great summary of what wholehearted living after loss is all about and how to create a wholehearted life after loss. It includes a creative exercise you can do yourself, and I also shared about many of the values and beliefs that underpin both my personal journey and my work here at Remembering For Good and with Kara at The Creative Grief Coaching Studio.

In the interview, I shared:

  • Brene Brown’s concept of “Whole-Hearted Living” and how it applies to “wholehearted living after loss.”
  • The creative power of “AND” thinking (rather than “Either/Or” thinking)
  • A creative exercise you can use to invite other experiences and feelings you want (peace, meaning, joy) into your life after loss – even if you feel like your grief is overwhelming.
  • The best protection against a broken heart. (Hint: It’s NOT holding back your love.)
  • How and why connection is integral to wholehearted living after loss.

Click on this link or the video image below to watch the interview at Shelly’s Big Life Project.

Remember With Us: Remembering For Good on Pinterest

We naturally remember our loved ones after they die and they continue to impact our lives. I’ve created a collaborative Pinterest board where you can add photos and stories about the people you’re remembering, so that we can remember together, share stories and celebrate the significance of these people’s lives, even after their death.

Pinterest is a free social network. In order to be able to pin on the Remembering For Good board, you need to have a Pinterest account, and then drop me a message (send me a tweet at @cathduncan or email me at cath at rememberingforgood dot com.) with the link for your Pinterest account so that I can follow you on Pinterest and add you as a collaborator on this board. After that you’ll be able to join us and pin images and articles to the Remembering For Good Pinterest board.

Remembering For Good Grief Workbooks: Buy your hardcopy version and I’ll donate another copy

After many requests, I’ve made my Remembering For Good Grief Grief Workbook available in hardcopy. When you purchase your copy, I’ll give another copy to a public organization (hospitals, hospices, medical centres, etc) or non-profit that works with bereaved people.

I’ll add a remembrance sticker to the front of the book that I donate and anyone who reads this book will know that it was donated by you, in remembrance of your loved one. You can even choose where I should send the donated copy, if you wish. Here’s what the remembrance sticker looks like:

The Remembering For Good Grief Workbook is still available as a digital version (but it’s no longer free), or you can order a hardcopy version that I’ll ship out to you. Either way, I’ll donate another copy in remembrance of your loved one. More details and order your copy here.

Wholehearted Living After Loss: Next 8-Week Online Group Starts 3 April

If you’d like to connect with a compassionate community, work more closely with me and learn more about living wholeheartedly after loss, there are still a few spots available in my next 8-week online Wholehearted Living After Loss group.

The group will be a combination of “meet-you-where-you’re-at” live discussion and coaching on the weekly phone calls and in the private forum, as well as some weekly teaching about the “what and why” of wholehearted living after loss. You’ll receive a manual and workbook and each week you’ll learn creative self-coaching exercises to help you to find peace and create a more wholehearted life after loss.

You can find out more about the topics we’ll cover each week and sign up for the group over here. I’ll be accepting a maximum of 12 people into this group so that we can keep it intimate and allow for space and time to get to know each other well.

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