Learning to live without someone you love must be the steepest learning curve on the planet.

There’s so much to learn. Sometimes it’s as if loss completely breaks our sense of who we are and what life is about, and everything feels completely groundless, as though we’re living on a new planet and, like a newborn, have to learn what everything is and how to respond to is all, all over again.

It would be easier if there was some sort of curriculum or book of answers on how to live after loss so that we can put our heads down and learn it rote until the pain stops, but there isn’t.

Loss changes us forever. We never go back to our old normal. We have to invent a new normal.

It can be exhausting. Overwhelming. Frustrating. Confusing. Depressing. Lonely. I know because I’ve been there. (I’ve also heard a lot of grief and loss stories through my work in the past 10 years and I’m up to speed on the latest research and theoretical ideas when it comes to describing the grief experience.)

It’s a steep learning curve, and there’s no curriculum or map. But when you learn how your mind and body naturally responds to loss, when you learn within a compassionate community, and when you restore your natural resilience, resourcefulness and creativity, you have everything you need to create a wholehearted life after loss.

Who this group is for

I created this group for people who are struggling with de-motivation, pain, sadness, fear, anger, loneliness, emptiness, helplessness, or hopelessness after the death of a loved one.

  • This group is best suited to people who are around 4 or more months down the road in their grieving journey. In the early days after loss, you probably need and want more face-to-face connection, individual attention, or just physical movement rather than all the thinking and talking we’ll do in this group.
  • This group is for you if you want to find a way to live in peace with your loss, and to continue to live, love and create wholeheartedly after loss.
  • It doesn’t matter how long ago your loved one died. You were born living wholeheartedly and even if you’ve learned to close your heart and lived that way for a long time now, you can always find a way back to wholehearted living if that’s what you want now.

Here’s what we’ll cover each week…

An intimate group experience over 8 weeks, starting 3 April 2012…

Being a part of a compassionate community is one of the best ways to restore your natural resilience, resourcefulness and wholeheartedness, and that’s why we’ll get together in a small group. Just 12 of us, meeting together once a week over the phone. Between our calls we’ll stay connected and support each other via a private online forum. The group will be small enough for you all to join in and share about yourself and your loved one who died, and to bring your unique questions, needs and struggles to the group.

Group Dates & Times

All sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings, from 5pm MST till 6:30pm MST. (That’s 7pm till 8:30pm EST/ 4pm till 5:30pm PST). The dates will be as follows:
3, 10, 17 and 24 April 2012; and 8, 15, 22 and 29 May 2012.

Join Our Group

$175 per person

Includes 8 live group calls, manuals, workbooks and access to ongoing private group forum.

Prefer to work with me one-on-one?

$500 per person

I have space for 5 people to work through this program with me individually, starting 1 April 2012.

You may pay using your Paypal account or if you’d prefer to pay using a credit card, then just select “don’t have a Paypal account” and you’ll be able to pay online using your credit card.

Want to gift 8-weeks of group or individual support to a friend?

Just select and purchase the option you want to gift your friend from the buy buttons above and then email me at cath(at)rememberingforgood(dot)com to give me your friend’s name and email address so that I can follow up with them, send them their materials and book their session dates.

Refund policy

If, during the course of the 8 weeks, you don’t feel that the group or individual sessions are a good fit for your needs or you’d like to pull out for whatever reason, then I will be happy to refund you pro rata for the sessions that you don’t attend.

Got questions before you decide whether this course is for you?

Just shoot me an email at cath (at) rememberingforgood (dot) com and I’ll be happy to answer your questions via email or even skype if you’d prefer.