Here’s what people who’ve worked with me say about the experience

“Cath Duncan as a highly intelligent, empathic, and competent counselor.”

“I have very much enjoyed spending time with Cath on three continents—Africa, Europe, and North America. In each case, I’ve found Cath surrounded by others, both clients and fellow professionals, who were drawn to her compassion, her training, her intelligence, and her endearing personality.

Her formal background in Social Work, and with many modalities of training including Neurolinguistic Programming and a very academically based and disciplined form of life coaching, give her the tools to very capably implement the desire to serve and heal that is part of her basic personality.

Cath has also lived through a variety of non-academic training that, as all clinicians and practitioners know, is often even more useful in creating a gifted counselor than formal training. Having lost a child and faced high risk with any subsequent pregnancies, she has dealt very intimately with personal crisis and grieving.

Through all of her training, formal and informal, Cath has shown a high level of commitment, motivation, courage, integrity, intelligence, and a continuous desire to learn. She is a source of comfort to both her clients and to those who work with her and can rely on her diligence.”

Martha Beck, Ph.D.

"The amount of clarity and sanity I received from this class by learning to understand and trust my own innate wisdom was immeasurable.

Finding ways to access the answers that were within me all along, relearning truths that were so obvious but had been buried under grief, shame and guilt, and discovering new pathways of inner strength and peace have all been total game changers in my life. This class has helped me to begin to de-compartmentalize and piece myself back together in a fashion that appeals to me. It has helped me to reconnect with my being and to all around me, releasing a closed, lonely inner struggle and revealing an open, broad, wide existence on the other side. The biggest thing this class has taught me is that I am enough. I am enough to face my inner demons of shame, guilt and fear. I am enough to claim my life as rightfully mine. I am enough to understand the massive tangled web inside. I am enough to face my battles head on in the future, but I don't have to go at it alone anymore. I can choose to live and heal in community."

Rebekah McClain

“I can say that without a doubt, your course made me view my loss in a whole new light. It helped me clarify how to value everything about my daughter and our relationship, and how to continue that into the future. It's still an end but not the same kind of end.

I'm no stranger to professional therapy or the self help industry, and over the years I have found that 90% of it falls flat. Your material and presentation just blew me away. It is a unique and rare combination of factual knowledge combined with the right dose of insight, empathy, and talent that is, quite frankly, super rare.”

Mike Carlson

"I want to thank you again for all your awesome insights today (and for helping to open some of my own). I know for a fact that meeting you has helped me immensely and I understand so much more now, even in the short time we had to talk. I realize I got more out of our short conversation then I have the whole time I was in therapy. Again, I really appreciate everything - it's good to have a flashlight when going down a dark bumpy path."

Rebekah McClain

"Before working with Cath I was afraid. I was afraid of saying no to people. Afraid of change. You name it - I was afraid of it! My health was very poor and I was lost. Cath has taught me some fantastic techniques to get back in touch with my essential self which in turn has given me the confidence to pursue things that I had always dreamt of doing but had been too scared to undertake. Our sessions have been fun, rewarding and something that I look forward to on a weekly basis. I can't wait to discover what great things the next few sessions will bring! Cath has become a great friend and is someone you instantly warm to. I would recommend sessions with Cath to anyone. I know no better guide through the cycle of change!"

Matthew Burrow

"I learned to prioritize and to accept that it is not possible to do everything crossing my path. I now focus on my goal and don’t look for someone to blame. I am now handing over work to my colleagues in a structured manner and trusting them to complete the task given to them. I learned to assess deadlines and pressure crossing my path, and to set goals, focus and ask for help if needed. I now accept that it is okay to decline and say No to requests in my circle of influence. I am no longer getting involved in something that is not part of my area unless I really have the spare capacity or the knowledge to make a difference. I improved on my performance appraisal by 13% from June to December 2007. My confidence increased because I am more focused, I reach my goals and this also increase my image as people saw me in a different light and their attitude towards me changed. With my positive attitude and their positive attitude we get along much better. I got offered a different position at work which I don’t think I would even consider if I did not do this course. I get more compliments on my quality of work. My relationship with other parties in the company improved and with that we are reaching more of our goals and targets and so improving the live of our fellow colleagues even more. More people see the benefit of my knowledge now that my attitude has changed therefore our combined goals is now reached and not individual goals anymore. I have a more positive attitude. I also have my frustration and anger under control. This has improved my relationship with fellow colleagues and other business partners and therefore I get more support and less resistance. To get something done now is a pleasure and not a pain and I get more done. I learned to be patient. I found a balance between work and home. I still work overtime etc but it does not rule my life anymore. I spend more quality time with family and friends and my relationship with them has improved."

Naomi Groenewald
Manager, Santam

"I found our discussions to be very helpful in clarifying the choices in my life and becoming aware of the hurdles I place in front of myself. The methods we discussed around decision making were particularly helpful to me. I appreciate your understanding and logical approach to problems and our sessions have given me more confidence in my ability to affect change in my life."

James Moolenschot
South Africa

"I decided to see Cath for life coaching because I was feeling very stuck in my career and personal life. I just wasn’t finding life satisfying or enjoyable, and I wanted to reconnect with my strengths I had seen before. I felt I was not living up to my potential. Working with her through her “Success to Significance” program guided me into new areas of growth. Cath’s skill in teaching me how to break down my old, self-destructive stories, and turn them around to make them self-creative, has helped me find new ways of living and thinking. There are many life-changing take-home messages that I discovered with her guidance, and her consistently caring approach helped me through the initial pains of implementing change.

Cath’s coaching program has helped me make a fresh start, and the turn-around methods and insights I learned will continue to boost me along in this great adventure. I highly recommend Cath to anyone wanting to rediscover the true meaning and significance of their life. She coaches with energy, enthusiasm and love."

Marc Burman
Technical Writer

"I have had 5 sessions with Cath and cannot recommend her highly enough. She has the knack of getting right to the root of any issues and helps you to see things in a new and empowering light. I have looked forward to each session so much and each one has revealed something new and important. The work we did around identifying core values and making decisions based on these really personalized the process and will stay with me. I never felt rushed in a session and Cath gave me the feeling that she was focused on working with me 100%. She is energetic, sensitive, calm, purposeful, totally present and extremely professional.

I can honestly say that going through this process with Cath has been life changing and I will continue to use the tools she has given me. This doesn't strike me as just a fleeting thing; you will learn how to deal with future issues yourself confidently and whilst focusing on your highest values. I have worked with other life coaches before but they didn't come close to covering all the real issues that we have or providing the shifts and mental clarity I got from working with Cath. This has resulted in me feeling so much freer, peaceful and more confident.

If you are thinking about coaching, do it - just make sure it's with this woman!"


"I heard about Cath in a meeting we had at work, but was not really interested because its at work and I was scared others would learn my deepest issues. Initially I signed up because I thought Okay cool I could treat this like my personal shrink and just dump a whole lot of issues on her and she would just be somebody I could chat to about surface level issues like money and love. I did not see myself as the person who needed counseling. Much to my surprise what I got out of the sessions were totally the opposite. The first time we talked I was very shielded and at first try to sugar coat my issues because I was scared of her going Dr. Phil on me and make me realize how messed up I really am.

Soon Cath made me feel right at ease and I felt comfortable enough to talk about those skeletons that we all try to forget about. She maintained confidentiality which is of utmost importance when talking about problems. The weirdest thing is that every problem / issue / secret that I had difficulties dealing with, she facilitated me in getting in touch with all the tools I already had to solve my problems. Since seeing her I have made changes to my life that I could not do before but now that she helped me realize my true worth and now the sky is the limits for me.

In short, Cath was very professional, never judged, gave me insight and a totally fresh and dynamic approach to problem solving that will rival the likes of Dr. Phil. I do believe that everybody can benefit from sessions with Cath as it was truly life changing for me. Even if you like me don’t believe that you have problems you will be surprised what lies beneath. Only if you deal with the underlying issues will you truly grow and Cath just leads you on that path. Try it YOU’LL LOVE IT."

Quality Assessor
OC2 Call Center

"Not much bigger than an Umpalumpa’ is how Jeannie D described herself on Top Billing one night. A very apt description for Cath as well. However, you soon realize that the only time she is small is when you stand right next to her. There is absolutely nothing small or petite about her when this lady takes you by the hand, walks you through your own mind and gently introduces you to yourself. Her generous spirit and love of people is larger than life, as is her ability to use her knowledge effectively.

When I first met with her, I was as tense about life and everything else as a string on Nianelle’s guitar. The first session already brought about a measure of calm. After the second session I was able to get through the holidays more relaxed and had a lot more fun than I did in a long time. The works not finished yet, but the progress is steady and effective.

Though qualified as a Social Worker and HNLP Master Practitioner, I find her work to be very much on the same level as that of the Psychologists I have seen previously. Other social workers had to refer me to a Psychologist, where as Cath was able to deal with everything herself. A lady in our office who also used the service, commented that the previous Psychologist she saw did not give her half the clarity and understanding that she got from Cath in her very first session.

Another colleague had such an interesting journey and was so happy with the results that she referred her elderly mother to Cath. This ‘very old school lady’ has also had major results and wants to continue her sessions. Whether you are dealing with a minor upset or the biggest thing since 9/11, Cath’s caring professionalism can be counted on to help you deal with it effectively. Our heartfelt thanks goes to Cath and to OC2 management for putting her right on our doorstep."

Alta Robert
Contact Centre Consultant