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In this book you’ll learn:

  • Why the traditional Western model of grieving and seeking “closure” doesn’t fit for many people, and what the potential dangers of this approach are (this is very important for you to consider if you’re a carer/ counselor for someone who’s grieving!).
  • Well-known common emotional, cognitive and physical reactions to loss and grief, as well as the many surprising emotional reactions that many people experience while they’re grieving, and which aren’t often recognized or talked about.
  • The differences between “grieving,” “ruminating” and “remembering,” and what it means to “live wholeheartedly.”
  • 3 Common myths about the grief process, and what the latest research is showing us is the actual truth when it comes to grieving.
  • How and why “remembering” the people you’ve loved and lost can be good for you, good for your friends and family and good for the world at large.
  • The one thing that a great number of studies show makes the biggest difference in protecting us from developing complicated grief symptoms or trauma responses, and which makes the biggest difference in helping us to recover and return to resilience and wholeheartedness after trauma and loss.

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