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Remembrance eLetters: Get Tips, Tools & Inspiration To Help You Live Wholeheartedly After Loss

Remembrance eLetter are a free way that you can learn more about living wholeheartedly after loss. Remembrance eLetter have the following kinds of content:

  • A bit of a personal update from me. I share about my own life challenges and lessons where it seems relevant and helpful.
  • A journal reflection, article, interview or podcast addressing some of the challenges of living wholeheartedly after loss.
  • Practical do-able self-coaching activities to help you grieve and live wholeheartedly.
  • When I release new courses and ways you can work with me, I’ll let you know through the Remembrance eLetters. This will be less often than once a month and shared without pressure. If it’s right for you, great (and as a subscriber to the Remembrance eLetters, you’ll have access to a discount that I won’t offer anywhere else). If not, that’s great too and the rest of the free resources are yours to enjoy anyway.
  • Sometimes a quote, a picture, a short poem or a piece of music is the best way to be reminded of the creativity, beauty, joy, love and hope still left in the world and worth living for. I’ll share this inspiration with you in small dollops in each eLetter.

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