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When People Tell You That You Haven’t “Dealt With” Your Grief…

Open Call: “Grief Support 101” With The Creative Grief Coaching Studio

Tomorrow (15 January 2013, at 2pm EST), Kara and I will be doing an open call about the core themes in the approach to grief support that we teach in our Creative Grief Coaching Certification Course. It’ll be a sort of “Grief Support 101” and we’ll also be answering your questions about our next class which starts on 12 February. A few of our alumni will join us to share about their experiences of taking the class, and we’ll be giving out a passcode to the call attendees which can be used to access an extension on the Earlybird course fee for the February 2013 class.

You can find the full call-in details here.

No need to sign up – just pitch up for the call!

Relax, You Don’t Have To Do “Grief Work”

In the modern Western world we’re so obsessed with working and achieving that we’ve even tried to push the experience of loss and grief into our culture of working and achieving. I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about needing to do “grief work.” Grief work is often usually interpreted as thinking and talking about yourContinue Reading

Grieving Is Learning (And How To Grieve & Learn More Easily)

There have been a lot of attempts to describe what grieving is and how it progresses. I’ve found it really useful to see grief as simply a process of learning. Sure, it’s probably the steepest learning curve you’ve ever been on, but grieving and learning to live wholeheartedly after loss is also a lot likeContinue Reading

Why I’m Not Pursuing “Closure”

The word “closure” is a popular word that gets bandied around when we’re talking about loss and grieving. It was popularized by Kubler-Ross in her theory of the 5 stages of grieving and more recently has been called into question by George Bonano and other mental health practitioners working in the field of bereavement. (Bonano’sContinue Reading

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