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A Creative Activity For Families Grieving Over The Holidays

Below is a creative activity that grieving families can do over the holidays to help them through grief and to have a creative way to share favorite memories and bless the coming new year with their truest values and intentions.

Click here to download a full-size PDF with the instructions for the creative activity.

Grieving Newtown (And Everything Else We Grieve Deeply For)

Grief is designed for slowing us down and turning us inward to reflect on our beliefs and values, so that we can integrate new ways of being that are closer to our deepest truths. I’m not suggesting that this is *why* losses happen – just that *when* losses happen, we have EVERYTHING we need insideContinue Reading

Understanding And Transforming Grief & Shame After Divorce, Death or Re-Marriage

This morning I enjoyed chatting with Barbara Goldberg from The Evil Stepmother Speaks about the role of grief and it’s impact on family relationships after divorce, death and re-marriage. Barbara works with stepmothers who often find it very difficult to join a family, because of the way that grief over the loss of the original familyContinue Reading

A Griever’s Guide To Freeing Yourself From Double-binds

“A double bind is an emotionally distressing dilemma in communication in which an individual (or group) receives two or more conflicting messages, in which one message negates the other. This creates a situation in which a successful response to one message results in a failed response to the other (and vice versa), so that the person will beContinue Reading

Ubuntu: Creating A Wholehearted Life After Loss

Last month I had the privilege of speaking to over 300 brilliant coaches at the Martha Beck Coaches’ Summit in Phoenix. My presentation slot was just 8 minutes long, so with all that I’ve learned in my past 10 years since qualifying as a Social Worker, and especially in the past 2 years through myContinue Reading

Who’s The Biggest Loser?

There’s a really interesting article at Psychology Today about the way that we look at each other’s lives and compare our grief. My thoughts… hierarchies of loss are inaccurate inventions Because of the work I do, I end up having a lot of conversations with people about loss and grief. I guess they intuitively sense thatContinue Reading

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