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When People Tell You That You Haven’t “Dealt With” Your Grief…

Open Call: “Grief Support 101” With The Creative Grief Coaching Studio

Tomorrow (15 January 2013, at 2pm EST), Kara and I will be doing an open call about the core themes in the approach to grief support that we teach in our Creative Grief Coaching Certification Course. It’ll be a sort of “Grief Support 101” and we’ll also be answering your questions about our next class which starts on 12 February. A few of our alumni will join us to share about their experiences of taking the class, and we’ll be giving out a passcode to the call attendees which can be used to access an extension on the Earlybird course fee for the February 2013 class.

You can find the full call-in details here.

No need to sign up – just pitch up for the call!

Top 8 Books I Recommend For Grieving & Living Wholeheartedly After Loss

I often get asked for book recommendations on the topic of grieving. I’m normally a book-addict but I found myself unable to read for the first 6 months after Juggernaut died – I just didn’t have the concentration span or will. Once I started reading again though, to be honest, I found that really greatContinue Reading

Why You Should Be Suspicious of Stories About Grief & Healing

Yesterday a good friend of mine posted this video of Tyler Cowen, an economist, speaking about why we should be suspicious of stories. Tyler’s point: Stories make a messy reality seem neat, purposeful, meaningful, and that’s one of the reasons why our brains love stories. But the problem is that reality is actually very messy, complexContinue Reading

Creativity: An Indispensable Resource For Living Wholeheartedly After Loss

Since I was a little girl, I’ve used art-making as a way to reflect, express myself, notice new perspectives, calm myself and solve problems. I was fortunate to take weekly private art classes with Christine Beckley, a wonderfully wise, intuitive and empathic art teacher from the age of 5 till 20. Looking back now withContinue Reading

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