Grieving Newtown (And Everything Else We Grieve Deeply For)

Grief is designed for slowing us down and turning us inward to reflect on our beliefs and values, so that we can integrate new ways of being that are closer to our deepest truths. I’m not suggesting that this is *why* losses happen – just that *when* losses happen, we have EVERYTHING we need inside of ourselves to process those losses and use it to feel safe and well again, and to become more of the person we want to be.

You can trust this. Really. Turn off the TV, stop reading the crappy “journalism” about Newtown, and instead slow down and reflect on your own experience of what happened in Newtown, and of all the other losses you grieve deeply for. Let your grief show you your own deepest values and make your own meaning rather than relying on the media to tell you what this means.

I’m not suggesting that you isolate yourself – connection is vital when we’re grieving. But media can never offer you the rich connection, belonging and love that you can experience with friends and family. Huddle close with the people you love, and let grief bring out what’s real and true for all of you. Witness, share, and act on *that,* and you will have everything you need to feel safe and well, and to transform grief into growth.

6 Responses to Grieving Newtown (And Everything Else We Grieve Deeply For)

  1. Janet DD says:

    This writing really helped me to grieve and to move forward even if they are baby steps we are still moving forward.
    May this help others who are struggling with their own grief.

    • CathDuncan says:

      @Janet DD Big love to you, Janet. And there’s no rush. Right where you are is just fine. It’s in the sitting with grief that grief reveals our true selves to us. <3

  2. JessicaSteward says:

    As always, thank you, Cath. I appreciate what you give to this world! I was re-reading your book to help during this time as well. Much love to you.

  3. SusanViljoen says:

    Brilliant, down to earth. Just rings true. Like you?

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