Ubuntu: Creating A Wholehearted Life After Loss

Last month I had the privilege of speaking to over 300 brilliant coaches at the Martha Beck Coaches’ Summit in Phoenix. My presentation slot was just 8 minutes long, so with all that I’ve learned in my past 10 years since qualifying as a Social Worker, and especially in the past 2 years through my own personal journey of learning how to live wholeheartedly after loss, my greatest challenge was to find and share the lessons and ingredients that have felt most essential, impactful and enduring. This is what I shared.

Here’s more about ubuntu if you’re curious to learn more about what ubuntu is, and you can see photos of the slides I painted for the talk over here.

Big thanks to Jessica for allowing me to share her story. If you’ve been inspired or comforted by her story, please drop her a line and let her know. Getting that sort of feedback is a wonderful en-courager that fuels the courage to embrace vulnerability, share our stories and nurture more connection!

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