Creativity: An Indispensable Resource For Living Wholeheartedly After Loss

Since I was a little girl, I’ve used art-making as a way to reflect, express myself, notice new perspectives, calm myself and solve problems. I was fortunate to take weekly private art classes with Christine Beckley, a wonderfully wise, intuitive and empathic art teacher from the age of 5 till 20. Looking back now with a deeper understanding of the principles of creativity and art therapy, I can easily see that those 15 years of classes with Christine as my guide were equivalent to having received 15 years of art therapy, and I’m really grateful for the creative resourcefulness that’s given me.

After the loss of our daughter, art-making and creativity increased it’s significance and meaning in my life. I was fortunate again to find another wonderful guide in Kara Jones, and I discovered a whole host of ways that creativity is essential for grieving and learning to live wholeheartedly after loss. Because of the resourcefulness that creativity has given me in my own life, and the wonderful compassionate guide and good friend that Kara has been to me, I’m heart-achingly happy to be able to announce the partnership and Creative Grief Coach Certification Program that Kara and I will be running together in the new year.

Rather than writing about it, we’ve made a video for you, so you can soak up the art, hear our voices and get a real feel for what this course is all about. Click on the video below and step into our Creative Grief Coaching Studio

This certification program is for people who are working/ want to work in any role that serves and supports people who are grieving – Social Workers, life coaches, medical staff, hospice workers, carers, volunteers, death doulas, and more. While it’s an experiential program where each course participant will play with the creative grief exercises themselves and discover all sorts of therapeutic gems and insight relevant to their own journey with loss and grief, this is an educational group, not a therapeutic or counseling group, and the focus is on empowering our participants to be a grief and creativity guide to others who are struggling with loss and grief.

For full details about the Creative Grief Coach Certification, including details of the guest experts who’ll be joining us, and specifics on how to apply to join this course, click on the badge below.

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