If you’ve found your way here because you’ve lost someone very precious to you, I’m so sorry for your and your family’s loss. It still appalls me that our love is not enough to keep our loved ones alive.

Remembering For Good is for anyone who is grieving the loss of someone or something important to them, and who wants to live wholeheartedly after loss (in spite of the enduring risk of future losses).

I’m Cath.

Since 2002, I’ve practiced as a Social Worker and coach, working with hundreds of people who are finding their ways through loss. I have also had to navigate my own personal journey of learning to live wholeheartedly after loss. I’ve discovered a few common myths about grieving and healing. These myths obstruct our healing and, at best, create a facade of someone “going on with their life.”

You’ve lost enough already. You don’t have to also give up the opportunity to feel deep peace, security, joy, wellness and love – feelings that I’ve been surprised to discover can co-exist alongside even the deepest, darkest emotions we meet in our grieving process.

Remembering For Good is about 4 kinds of remembering…

Is this approach resonating with you?

Then I’d love to share more with you. I’ve put together a 20-page book for you, where I share more about what it means to Remembering For Good and live wholeheartedly, and I explain the research and reasons why these 4 kinds of remembering are so healthy, powerful and meaningful. Click here to get my book.

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